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        Welcome to the official website of Taizhou Wanzhou Machinery Co., Ltd!

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        Company Profile

        Company Profile

        Company Profile
        Company Profile

        Taizhou Wanzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Puqing Industrial Zone, Yuhuan City, a beautiful seaside new city in southeast Zhejiang, covering an area of 22 acres and a building area of more than 22,000 square meters. Founded in 2002, the company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Specializing in the manufacture of chassis parts brake systems, steering systems and suspension systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and construction machinery.

        With advanced production equipment, testing equipment, perfect quality management system and high-quality products, the company is well received by customers, and has established long-term and stable friendly cooperative relations with many domestic host customers, and its products are exported to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and other European and American countries and regions.

        Companies adhering to the "excellence, pursuit of excellence, quality first, customer first" business philosophy, wholeheartedly provide customers at home and abroad with first-class quality, advanced technology products and quality services, and seek common development.



        Company Culture
        • Company Culture
          people oriented
          Know and make good use of people, respect, trust, understand, care and motivate people.
          Dare to innovate
          Continuous reform and innovation will be full of youth and vitality; Otherwise, it may become rigid.
          refine on
          Seek the best in the best, learn from others' strengths and make up for their own weaknesses. Everyone has one heart, and the Loess becomes gold.
        • Enterprise concept
          Development concept
          Innovation, pragmatism, surpassing self and pursuing excellence
          Technical concept
          Change with each passing day, one step ahead
          Pursue win-win
          Take customers as the center and employees as the center, and pursue the win-win situation of employees, the company, customers and society
        • service idea
          Pragmatic and innovative service spirit
          Modest and cautious service attitude
          Professional and high-quality service team
          Insight and keen sense of service
          We are in the space of commercial society, practice the mission of the enterprise in the capital market, and create wealth in an atmosphere of friendship, harmony, interaction and motivation.
        • management philosophy
          Responsibility condenses people's hearts, system standardizes behavior
          Visionary capital to increase income, sincere cooperation and mutual benefit
          Honesty, pragmatism, harmony and win-win
          High standards, strict requirements, practical results and growth
          Keep our promises, manage the resources we have, reasonably develop and make full use of them, and closely link capital investment with people's interests and social interests, so as to achieve win-win sharing among employees, partners, shareholders and the public.
        Development Plan
        • 2018

          1. Mass production of commercial vehicle brake and passenger vehicle swing arm project

          2. The national military standard system has been imported and certified

        • 2019

          1. The manipulator is put into use

          2. Management system improvement training

          3. ERP management module upgrade

          4. Assist in improving the supply chain and internal management ability of the company

        • 2020

          1. Enter wind power generation and related environmental protection projects

          2. Mass production of commercial vehicle transmission project

        • 2021

          1. MOC project mass production

          2. The military civilian integration project has officially produced economic benefits

        • 2022

          Internet of things——Start of public safety project

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